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Design and Digital Services.

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Mash Up Creative is a Graphic Design, Website Design, Digital Design and Digital Signage Design Studio based in Johannesburg South Africa.




The design and digital services we offer shape modern brands for a connected future.

Mash Up Creative has been fortunate enough to create experiences, identities and visuals for established brands, nonprofits and for exciting start ups through the services we offer.

Logo Design

Brand Identity Design

Illustration Design

Technical Drawing Design

Packaging Design

Presentation Design

Digital Wayfinding & Interactive Design

Magazine Layout and Design

Website Design

Print Layout and Design

Digital Design

(Our main focus)

Visual Identity Design

Digital Display Design

Print and Layout Design

Websites & Interaction Design 

We create positive and rich experiences that stir emotion, have personality and drive results.


We love to bring a positive change and impact through people-centred research, imagination, design and crafting emotionally engaging experiences.


We believe in a world that is experimental, innovative and with that we approach everything we do with curious minds and a hunger to solve problems.

engineeringg logo design
Logo Design

Logo Design


We create all types of logo designs, for ever type of business.



Monogram Logos or Lettermarks Design

Wordmarks or Logotypes Design

Pictorial Marks Logo Symbols Design

Abstract Logo Marks Design

Mascots Design

Logo Combination Mark Design

Logo Emblem Design

Logo Patterns Design

Logo Guidelines Design


Digital Design


We combine our creative skills with technical know-how to bring graphics, animations and other visual effects to life.


Website Design

Online Store Website Design

Custom Mailer Design

Interactive Books and PDF’s

Screen/Display Design

Interactive Digital Design

Animated Digital Signage Design

Social Media Design

Campaign Innovation Design

WhatsApp Design

Custom Invitations & Messenger Invite Design (Digital Invitation Design)

Digital Wayfinding Design & Interactive Design

Digital Menu Boards


Illustration Design


Our goal of each illustration design is to explain information and get the right message out.


Narrative Illustration Design

Decorative Illustration Design

Informational Illustration Design

Conceptual Illustration Design

Technical Illustration Design 


Print Design


We mix creative thinking, design, technology, and visual communication to convey information to your audience through print design, in the formats below.

Poster Design

Flyer Design

Business Cards Design

Packaging Design

Certificate Design

Magazines Layout and Design

Street Pole Design

Billboard Design

Stickers and Decal Design

Vehicle Branding Design

Business Card Design

Letterhead Design

Quotation Design

Invoice Design

Corporate Branding Design

Signage Design

Document Design and Layout

Folders Design

Company Profiles

Corporate Identity

Corporate Brandbooks +27.81.789.0689

We create strong brand identities and visual communication design for print and digital, that impress.


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